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Sophie is a photographer based in London. Her recent work shows pattern photography in the vibration of sound waves. She explore sound vibrations to show the geometric patterns of nature. This reveals how the form of our perception is represented by the phenomenon of vibration. Visible sound vividly show how sound affects the structure of matter and molecules. Her video work shows this vibrational process involves the interaction of structure and form, dynamics and forces. In the vibration effect, there are both dynamic elements in dynamics and graphical elements.

Artist Statement

I created this work because I am interested in pattern photography and moving images. I think photography allows me to transform the irregularity of reality into an orderly pattern. I try to create kaleidoscopic dynamic patterns in a new art medium. I researched the work of the artist Linden Gledhill. I am interested in the vibrating patterns of colour sound waves crossing each other and circulating. I created a video of acoustic vibrations in the fabric of space.

A small dish of water is mounted on the speaker. Using an audio generator, the water in the dish produces standing waves of a specific frequency. I projected the colored spot light onto the water. I used my camera to photograph the different patterns of water that vibrate through sound waves at sound frequencies from 10Hz up to 40 Hz.

My videos show the dynamics on the one hand, and the patterns created by the vibrating terrain moving around on the other. In the vibration effect, there are both dynamic elements in dynamics and graphical elements.



Sophie Wang is very interested in art photography. She has spent the last six years learning a lot about photography and the medium of art, creating a range of exciting artworks. From two-dimensional photography that initially explored architectural patterns to three-dimensional geometric architectural sculptures, she uses digital manipulation to deform buildings and transform them into exotic landscapes, aiming to explore the limits of architectural structures. From making moving images of kaleidoscopes and geometric patterns of water vibrating through sound waves, she explores how vibration effects relate to dynamics.

She received the honorable mention given by the judges in a recent exhibition of her independent research project at the Royal College of Art.

She hopes that in her future development as a photographer, she can explore a variety of artistic media and a broader understanding of the concept of work, create more interesting artworks and present them in exhibitions.



2022-23 Royal College of Art, MA Photography
2019-22 - University of the Arts London, BA Photography